Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Nurse, nurse!

I don't have a deadline looming, so I have decided to enter an online writing competition to win a fancy new Apple iPad 3G + WiFi 64GB
The trouble is I am sick, I have succumbed to someone elses germs and now have a head that feels like it is going to explode clouds of cotton wool around my room.  I have a cough that makes me sound like I smoke 40 a day (which maybe isn't that far from the truth), but anyway, back to this competition.

I need to write about 1000 words in the first person - not that hard you may say, but the piece has to be factual and cannot be purely anecdote or my opinion.  I don't know about you, but I find writing in the first person really hard - it's easier in blog world as I am expected to be full of opinion and anecdote, but in this piece I need to use it to 'segue into the more informative content of the article'.  If I knew what segue meant it would help... pass the lemsip.

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