Thursday, 9 September 2010

Me, myself and I

You'll all be pleased to know I am feeling much better today, though I still have a quite amazing cough. I am also still wrestling with what to write for the first person competition whilst madly cleaning the house as my daughters teacher is coming round this afternoon. So with a duster in one hand and this blog in the other I am trying to think of something both informative and witty to write.

Maybe Jeremy Kyle will give me some inspiration - how about a piece about my experience with DNA testing, or lie detectors or psycho ex-partners - that would be more second hand than first person! Most of my writing concerns jobs, CV's and interviews, so maybe I could do a piece about interview coaching..... there is a germ (pardon the pun) of an idea there...... watch this space

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Nurse, nurse!

I don't have a deadline looming, so I have decided to enter an online writing competition to win a fancy new Apple iPad 3G + WiFi 64GB
The trouble is I am sick, I have succumbed to someone elses germs and now have a head that feels like it is going to explode clouds of cotton wool around my room.  I have a cough that makes me sound like I smoke 40 a day (which maybe isn't that far from the truth), but anyway, back to this competition.

I need to write about 1000 words in the first person - not that hard you may say, but the piece has to be factual and cannot be purely anecdote or my opinion.  I don't know about you, but I find writing in the first person really hard - it's easier in blog world as I am expected to be full of opinion and anecdote, but in this piece I need to use it to 'segue into the more informative content of the article'.  If I knew what segue meant it would help... pass the lemsip.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Blog virgin

The world and her husband have been blogging since the last century, children in Primary schools around the UK learn to blog in the classroom, in fact it'll probably be in-utero soon.  I am somewhat older than Primary school age as you can see from my profile and ......... I'm about to admit .......... this is my first blog post.  I know I am behind the time, luddite you may say, but there it is, I've admitted it.

So now what do I do? I think I have blog-anxiety - what am I going write, do I have anything interesting to say?  Will anyone be in the slightest interested in my ramblings - I guess time will tell.